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This Green & Grow hose is an example of garden hose that is drinking water safe. It's available at Lowe's and other retailers for under $20.This Green & Grow hose is an example of garden hose that is drinking water safe. It's available at Lowe's and other retailers for under $20.To drink or not to drink? That is the question...

Shakespeare parodies aside, this is a question we frequently hear from our customers. It's safe to say that most of us as kids drank from the garden hose. And if you're still able to read this post, it didn't cause any serious, lasting effects. On the other hand, there are many things we are more aware now that products are better tested and we have a better understanding of the potential dangers of chemicals leeching into our food and water supply.

So what's the answer? Is it safe to drink from a garden hose? Here is some information that might make you think twice before you pucker up at the spigot:

In a 2012 Time Article, Dominique Browning outlines research showing that many garden hoses contain everything from lead to endocrine disruptors to neurotoxins. She states that since garden hoses are not regulated in the same way as plumbing fixtures, harmful chemicals are frequently found in hoses. This problem is worse in older hoses, partly because of the way they were manufactured, and partially because the plastic, rubber and metal used to construct them degrades over time.


The New Pocket Hose - 3X StrongerBack in March we reviewed the original Pocket Hose. We liked the concept of the lightweight hose that crumples up, drained itself, and is easy to store. The problem was that every one we tried eventually failed and ruptured near the hose bib.

Since then, we had another one of the original Pocket Hoses fail. We had purchased it at WalMart, and thankfully, they were willing to exchange it, but we have yet to have one of the original hoses last for more than a couple of months.

That is why were were excited to try one of the new and improved Pocket Hoses. The manufacturer claims that the Pocket Hose "Ultra" is three times as strong as the original

Across the board, the new model is more durably built. The thin, lime green material has been replaced by a thicker, dark green material. While it feels like fabric on the outside, you can feel a stronger, reinforced, rubberized material is underneath. Even the hose bib connector and the convenient shutoff valve feel like they've been upgraded.

The improved durability does come at a price. The new model is bulkier, and while it does shrivel up and shrink down as the water empties out, it does not contract nearly as much as the earlier version. However, once the water flows out, the new Pocket Hose is still lightweight and much easier to carry around and store than a traditional hose.

Will it hold up long term? Only time will tell. However, the new Pocket Hose does feel much more substantial than the earlier model, so we have high hopes.

How about you? Have you tried the new Pocket Hose yet? If so, what have been your experiences?


Pocket Hose retractable hoseYou've probably seen them on TV informercials or at a retail store near you.  The Pocket Hose, or one of the various knock-offs now on the market, is a lightweight garden hose made of a special fabric that retracts where there is no water pressure.  In theory, these hoses save you the backbreaking inconvenience of rolling up a traditional hose because they are light and automatically retract.  Also, as they retract, the water runs out, making it faster and more convenient than draining a traditional hose.  They are really an ideal solution in our Olympia climate.  In the summer, because they drain out, they won't be full of scalding hot water when they sit in the sun.  In the winter, they are less susceptible to damage from freezing. 

But do they work?  And do they hold up?

Speaking from personal experience, or at least my wife's personal experience, these hoses actually work.  She loves them.  She hates dragging a heavy hose around the yard and reeling it up just to water the flower beds.  After she's done, she just turns off the water supply, the hose shrivels up, and she can just stuff it into a flower pot next to the hose bib.


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