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What a great company! Excellent service- arrived within minutes (not hours) of our call needing a new water heater. Installed quickly and efficiently with full instructions of how to care for our new water heater and gave clear details of the warranty. Friendly attitude was appreciated as well. I highly recommend M&M Plumbing.

~ Kelley Reynolds, via Facebook

From my initial phone call through the whole process was treated great.  They made time for me even though they had to fit me in.  Replaced water heater in just a couple of hours.  Would recommend them to everyone!

~ Mary Lee C., Olympia, Washington via Yelp

I first employed the services of M & M Plumbing, and Mike McCaslin, to replace a Crane toilet (cracked tank) with a Kohler toilet assembly (2009, l believe), in my Master bathroom. He pulled up and resealed the stool in my quest bathroom, as well, and changed the flush assembly.

Last summer, 2012, I asked M & M Plumbing to repair or replace a water heater and expansion tank (latter, which was oozing out blue matter). Water was leaking from several pipes and down the garage wall. Mike replaced the system, maintaining the pipes that could be cleaned, ground, and resoldered, but replacing badly worn components. His work was quick, clean, and thorough. He hauled away the old tanks and debris.

On April 10, 2013 I asked Mike to determine a water leak within the ceiling of the laundry room. He responded within 24 hours, cut open the sheetrock (with minimum damage) to gain access to the water pipes. Four 3/4" waterlines were leaking. He replaced the portion of the defective pipes with copper tubing, and soldered the joints. This work was completed in less that two hours. He offered to provide sheetrock repair, but the project was the liability of the Condo Association, which used their own contractor.

M & M Plumbing is a family owned and operated business and was referred to me by a building contractor and his brother, whom have used M & M services multiple times.

Their work is quality and they respond as quickly, as possible, to requests.

~ Donna L Smith, Savannah Oaks Condominium

Timely, professional, cost effective. We called around 11 am to get the hot water heater inspected and by 3:30, a new heater was installed. I checked online and their prices were spot on, if not a little lower than the average. They are family run, I was really happy were were able to support a local business with our purchase.

~ Victoria O.

Tankless water heaters are a great option for providing hot water delivery throughout your home more efficiently than a traditional tank-based system.

With a tank-based water heater, the basic idea is to keep a ready supply of water maintained at a hot temperature so it can be distributed throughout your home.  However, there are two reasons why this is an inefficient system.  


Water Heater MaintenanceWhen is the last time you flushed you water heater?  If you're like most people, your answer is, "I'm supposed to flush my water heater?"

Because your water heater is essentially a water storage tank, while the water is being held in the tank, sediment naturally occurring in just about every source of water settles to the bottom of your tank.  Over time, this sediment builds up, and can effect the normal operation of your water heater.

While there are not typically symptoms of a water heater that needs flushing, neglecting to flush you water heater regularly affects the internal components of your water heater and shortens its lifespan.  It also can affect the efficiency of your water heater, requiring more energy to operate (higher costs!).


Old damaged hose bibWhile it's still a bit wet and windy out there, we are definitely headed towards spring.  With the change in seasons, it's also a good time to do a spring checkup on your home's plumbing systems.  

It's better to be preventive and inspect your systems now than to wait until you need them or until something breaks or leaks.  For example, right now, you're probably not using your landscape irrigation system, but two months from now, when it's hot and dry, you don't want to turn your system on, only to find out it's sprung a leak or spigots aren't working. 

Here is a checklist of common items that should be inspected or serviced every spring:


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