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  • Say no to Drano!Just Say No... to Drano!

    Do you have a sink or tub drain that drains slowly or is completely backed up? You may be tempted to go for that quick fix and buy a chemical drain cleaner, like Drano or Liquid Plumr. After all, they are inexpensive, easy to apply, and it's a lot cheaper than calling a plumber, right?

    Well before you pour that potion down your pipe, you may want to consider the potential risks from using these products.

    First, they are highly toxic. The main ingredients in chemical drain cleaners are highly corrosive -- usually sulphuric acid and lye. They work by dissolving grease and hair into a liquid so it will flow down your drain. While the consumer versions of these products are not as concentrated as commercial products, they are still extremely dangerous. The ingredients can be fatal if ingested. If the cleaner touches your skin or membranes, it can cause severe burns. And if the drain cleaner is accidentally mixed with another cleaning agent that contains bleach (like the kinds of cleaners many people use in their sinks and tubs), you may inadvertently create chlorine gas, a highly toxic and deadly gas.

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