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In our last blog article, we gave you some simple solutions for cleaning and maintaining your garbage disposal. In this article, we will cover the do's and don'ts of using your disposal. Most of garbage disposal repair and replacement calls we make could have been avoided by taking better care of this appliance in the first place.

Tips for Running Your Garbage Disposal Properly

  • Always run cold water the entire time the garbage disposal is running
  • Turn the cold water on first
  • Then turn on the disposal
  • Continue running the disposal until it is clear of debris
  • Shut off the disposal
  • Run the cold water for at least 5 more seconds and then shut off the water

Things To Avoid Doing to Your Garbage Disposal

  • Never put hard objects down your garbage disposal. Peach pits, bones, and non-food items can damage your disposal and shorten its life.
  • Avoid putting fibrous food down your disposal, such as banana peels, onion peels, corn husks and celery stalks. These items won't grind up properly and can get stuck in the disposal.
  • Coffee grounds are a no-no. They stick to the parts inside the disposal and create sludge build-up.
  • Never pour grease down the disposal. Grease will stick to the parts and cause sludge to build up. (If grease accidentally gets down in your disposal, run warm water down the drain for at least 30 seconds to liquify and dislodge it.)
  • Do not overfill your disposal. Cramming a garbage disposal full and packing it down can cause the disposal to clog or the motor to overheat.
  • Never operate your disposal without running cold water.

If you accidentally drop something down your disposal that shouldn't be in it, stop using it immediately and follow the instructions in our previous article to remove it. If you can't remove the object, call a professional plumber like M&M Plumbing.

If you have any other questions about proper care and maintenance of your garbage disposal, or need help with your disposal or any other plumbing emergency, give M&M Plumbing, your local Olympia, family-owned plumbing company a call. We're here to help!

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