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Here's a feature I think every house should have:  a hot and cold water spigot on the outside of the house.  It never occurs to most people that is possible to have more than just ice cold water squirting from that garden hose.  Well now that you know it's possible, just think of all the benefits you could have with warm water available outside.

Here are some great reasons to have a hot and cold water spigot outside your home:

Hot and cold water available at your outdoor water spigot

  1. Wash your dog outside.  How many times have you muddied up your house with a dirty pet?  Then you put them in the bathtub and spread the dirty everywhere.  You could wash the dog outside, but freezing cold water is uncomfortable for man's best friend, prevents the soap from working as well, and leaves you with a pair of frozen paws too.  Imagine how much easier it would be to keep fido clean and keep the muck out your house by having warm water right at the spigot.

  2. Wash your car like a pro.  If you've ever tried to wash your car with cold water, you know it just doesn't work very well.  You can bring a bucket of warm, sudsy water outside, but you're still left with icy water for rinsing.  Road dirt is full of grime, grease and oil.  Cold water will cause this filth to stick to your vehicle.  Having warm water available for rinsing will help you get your car sparkling clean without having to go to the car wash.  It's also a dream for cleaning your engine block and undercarriage.

  3. It's a fisherman's best friend.  Or rather, it's a fisherman's wife's best friend. (Or spouse to keep it gender neutral.)  Instead of gutting fish in the kitchen sink and smelling up the house, why not take care of the whole ordeal outside where it belongs?  We know about this first hand.  Carol is grateful every summer when all I bring in the house is fish ready to fry, and not all the guts and goo.

  4. Camping cleanup has never been easier.  If you're a camper, you know what a pain it is to clean up all your equipment when you get home.  Camp stoves to cookware, from coolers to canopies, from cots to chairs (I couldn't quite keep the alliteration going!), it's an outright pain to get things spic and span with cold water and a hose.  Having warm water available outside will not only make cleanup a lot easier, it will also extend the life of your camping equipment by getting everything throughly clean.

  5. Garden cleanup is a breeze.  Whether you're mowing the lawn, weeding the flower beds, or tending to your garden, you're bound to get a little messy working on your yard.  Imagine being able to completely clean up outside and not bring any of that dirt into the house.

These are just some of the benefits of having hot water at your outside spigot.  We've love to hear your ideas too.  Leave your comments below.  And if you'd like to find out how we can add and outdoor hot & cold water spigot to your home, give us a call or contact us at this link.  Make this the last time you have to freeze your hands under cold water.

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