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 Natural gas grillWhen you think of plumbers, you probably think of sinks, toilets and water pipes.  After all, plumbers only work with water, right?

Well how about gas pipes?  These are the gas pipes that connect propane or natural gas to gas appliances.  

Plumbing is about sealed pipes.  Water pipes are the ones most people think of, but plumbing actually can include any sealed pipe system, including gas or air. 

A grill running on natural gas can be a wonderful addition to your backyard.  Because you are hooked up to a municipal gas supply, you never again will have worry about running out of fuel in the middle of cooking a meal.  You also save the time and expense of driving to a filling station to refill your propane tank.  Natural gas also burns hotter and more efficiently than propane, plus it costs quite a bit less.

Since gas lines involve working with volatile, potentially explosive materials, it is imperative that you have them installed properly by a certified professional.  To install a natural gas pipe, you have to get a permit from the city or county.

M&M Plumbing is certified to install gas pipes.  We can connect both natural gas and propane lines to gas grills and other appliances around your home, including water heaters, stoves, dryers, and fireplaces.  We are also one of the few Olympia plumbers that are able to self-certify a gas pipe inspection.

Whether you are adding natural gas to your home, or already have natural gas and need to connect a gas grill or other appliances, give us a call at M&M Plumbing for a free quote.  We'll make sure the job gets done right to comply with regulations and protect your property.


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