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 Underground sprinkler systems must be turned on slowly at the begining of the watering season to prevent damage to the pipes and sprinkler heads. Underground sprinkler systems must be turned on slowly at the begining of the watering season to prevent damage to the pipes and sprinkler heads.When you restart your irrigation system each spring, it’s important to follow the correct startup procedures so that you do not damage the system. Starting up the system is not particularly complicated, but it’s more than just turning on a valve. Be patient when turning on your irrigation system after it’s been winterized because if not, you could have a geyser of water filling up your yard and costly repairs.

The key to preventing system damage is to turn on the water slowly. This allows the pipes to pressurize and all the air to purge. Turning on the water source too abruptly can cause pipes to burst. Even if your pipes don’t rupture right away, you could create stress on the pipes that leads to damage and leaks down the road.

Hometips.com has a good explanation on how to properly start your irrigation system:

“Begin the process by filling the main line of the irrigation system (located between the water source and the zone valves). Slowly open the shutoff valve that controls the water supply to the entire system. A quarter turn or so is all you will need. Take your time and remember that the water has to travel the entire length of the main line. Once the main line is filled, proceed with filling each zone, again, by very slowly opening the zone valve manually.”

If your system has automatic valves, make sure you read the product manual for proper operating instructions. Each one is manufactured differently.

Once you’ve filled the entire irrigation system, let it run for a couple minutes. If all is working well and you don’t see any problems, then you can fully turn on your main valve.

If you are a homeowner and are unsure about the startup process for your home irrigation system or discover leaks or damage to the underground pipes, sprinklers or drip lines, M&M Plumbing can help. Our professional team can inspect your system to assure that everything is in proper working order. If there are leaks or other damage, we can make the repairs.

And if you are a rental property owner or manager, let M&M Plumbing save you the time and headache of inspecting and starting irrigation systems. We’ll make sure everything is running properly and fix any issues that arise.

For help with your underground sprinkler and irrigation system, give us a call today!


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